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Get your swimmer ready for the Fall

Schedule a session with Nick. Your first session will begin with an evaluation of their current abilities and the beginning steps to getting them ready to be successful with their tryout.

Looking to join a swim team?

Joining a swim team is a unique experience. It’s not like soccer, baseball or basketball – there are skills that they need to know BEFORE your child is able to join…

Most teams have a minimum ability requirement before they let a child join a team. To join a team, the swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards without stopping. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but it needs to be independent and continuous.

It takes some practice, instruction and coaching to get a young swimmer to that point. That’s where I can help.

My name is Nick Ryan. I’m a lifelong competitive swimmer and swim coach. I’ve worked on several teams and taught many swimmers from those just starting out to adults how to swim better for longer distances in all four competitive strokes.

This summer, I’m opening up time in my schedule to help get kids ready to join a team in the fall.

If you want to get your kids ready to join a swim team, click below to find out how to secure a spot to work with me.

Let’s get them ready for this coming season!

Initial Evaluation

The initial session starts with an evaluation of skills. Once we know where we are, we can plan where we have to go.

Freestyle and Backstroke

We will build freestyle and backstroke first - getting them comfortable completing at least 25 yards of each stroke.

Advanced Skills

Once we get freestyle and backstroke ready, we will start working on breaststroke, butterfly and turns. Setting your swimmer up for success!

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