Looking for a lifeguard for your event?

There unfortunately are a lot of stories of people, mainly children, having near fatal drowning events at a simple backyard event.

Whether it was the parent not watching, too much playing around or just simply going into a spot where they aren’t yet comfortable swimming in. It can happen in an instant…

The last thing you want is someone to have an accident that you aren’t prepared for, especially when there is something you can do about it…

That’s where we come in!


Our guards come trained and equipped to handle most situations at your event.

All of our lifeguards are certified through the American Red Cross. Most are trained and certified by us. And even if we didn’t certify them initially, we skill test them to make sure they are prepared in case of emergency.


Safety is our #1 priority! Our Lifeguards come equipped with rescue equipment and first aid supplies. Each Lifeguard comes dressed in uniform with a whistle to ensure that rules are followed throughout the party.


All of our Lifeguards have up-to-date Lifeguarding certification. They are insured in the event of an emergency. We prepare our Lifeguards each summer to ensure your guests are safe.


We know that you are reaching out for peace of mind by helping you keep your guests safe at your event.

But that doesn’t work if the lifeguard doesn’t show up…

We guarantee that if you book your event with us at least 2 weeks in advance, you WILL have a guard at your event.

We only accept events that we know we can fill. And even if the original guard does have to cancel, we have backups available.


Select the number of lifeguards you’ll need for your event and fill out the form on the following page. After you submit your information, a Blue Ocean Aquatic representative will contact you to match you with one of our Lifeguards based around your schedule and needs. Upon scheduling the event, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of your event.

*Additional fees may apply for events booked on Holidays.

One Lifeguard

Between 1 and 20 guests
$ 50 /Hour
  • American Red Cross Certified
  • Rescue Tube, Whistle, First Aid Supplies
  • Hiring Guarantee Included*

Multiple Lifeguards

20 or more guests
$ 40 /Hour per guard
  • American Red Cross Certified
  • Rescue Tube, Whistle, First Aid Supplies
  • Hiring Guarantee Included*